Statics in steel construction and stress calculations for pipelines

Statics for steel structures and stress calculations for pipelines not only call for specialist knowledge but also for many years of experience. With us you obtain both.

Plant safety and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive – thanks to a well-executed stress calculation for pipelines we are able to guarantee this. Right from the planning stage of a plant, we are able to consider and evaluate the static and dynamic analysis of pipeline systems under real operating and ambient conditions. This provides an input of crucial information for the engineering design at an early stage so that we discover weak points sooner and avoid them. We carry out stress analyses in accordance with a number of regulations such as EN 13480, ASME B31.1 or ASME B31.3.

Safety also has priority in statics for steel structures: In designs such as those for platforms or supports, the key factors are ultimately their load-bearing capacity and serviceability. We evaluate this with our team of experienced specialists in terms of stresses, forces and deformations. The SIA standards and the Eurocode provide us with the basis for calculating the statics for steel structures.

Our services for stress calculation:

  • Stress calculation for pipeline systems
  • Calculation of displacements
  • Calculation of permissible differences in movement (jacketed pipelines)
  • Evaluation of the connection forces on equipment nozzles
  • Design of compensators, spring hangers / supports
  • Determination of the forces / moments induced onto the supports by the pipeline
  • Planning and design of pipe support structures
  • Special components
  • Documentation and presentation of the results

Our services for statics in steel structures:

  • Structural mechanics of frames
  • Determination of the support reactions (foundation loads)
  • Joint design, incl. iterface to the foundation
  • Finite element calculations (FEM) of individual components / constructions
  • Documentation and presentation of the results

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