Digital Solutions & BIM

Improved productivity and higher cost-efficiency. Digital construction thanks to software-assisted building information modelling improves the comparison of information.

Digital solutions for digital challenges: where quality, schedules and costs are concerned, in particular, our customers benefit from the improved productivity in the planning process that building information modelling (BIM) facilitates. This planning method is essential in the time of Industry 4.0.

This makes it possible for the cooperation between various trades to be defined in one jointly used 3D model thanks to specified processes and objectives. Using a coordination model (Single Source of Truth), we are able to identify planning errors sooner, limit costs and stay on schedule. With the digital twin - the next evolutionary stage of BIM - we create an image of reality that develops dynamically.

We offer:

  • BIM services throughout the entire life cycle of a plant
  • BIM consultancy, building contractor consultancy and strategy development
  • BIM management, drafting of a BIM execution plan and of a management plan across all project phases
  • Overall BIM coordination, cross-trade model coordination, collision management
  • BIM2Field
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)

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Claudio Bona

Head of Digital Engineering & BIM

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