Our team

We don’t call our employees “human resources” but rather Michael, Jennifer, Ondrej and Zun-Hou. These are the people who accompany your projects – they have high quality standards (and are passionate problem solvers). Incidentally, many of those here are also called Thomas or Stefan. To avoid any confusion, we’d like to briefly introduce ourselves here:

12 nations speak 13 languages

We are team players and we help each other anytime!

Events & joint excursions

Many hours of work, remarkable commitment from our colleagues (as in the completion of cooling water lines at midnight) and a coffee machine that frequently fell victim to the intensive use: we have to escape from the office as well occasionally. On business trips to China or India, Hong Kong or Singapore we have expanded our horizons through cultural and culinary exploration alongside the fascinating work. And at the annual Christmas party, in the “Aperitif” project or during the team-building event, featuring a flight simulator followed by raclette, we strengthened our cohesion.

More faces of SI-TEC

Together we have 655 years of professional experience…

…and on average spend 8,2 months working on a project

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