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Energy optimization and cost-efficiency with current environmental issues in mind: this is how we find solutions for ideal supply technology.

At the present time, the state of the art in supply technology calls for quality standards that are not only economically viable but also stand up to additional environmental stipulations and digital challenges. We develop our ideas for complex supply systems in the life science, chemicals and food sectors with precisely this knowledge.

And we support the supply systems from the outset. We take over the planning of the technical building equipment from the feasibility study, during the execution and then provide support when commissioning of the systems takes place. Our services include technical and medical gases, water and effluent, sanitary engineering, ventilation and climate control technology as well as supply concepts and designs of systems and plants.


Our services encompass:

  • technical and medical gases
  • technical water and effluent
  • steam
  • sanitary engineering
  • heating and refrigeration technology
  • ventilation and climate control technology
  • supply concepts and designs of systems and plants
  • implementation plans and cost calculations
  • support in tendering and contract awarding procedures
  • plant and installation planning
  • support in commissioning, optimization and maintenance

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Head of Building Services & Process Engineering

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