Sustainable solutions for energy & environment

Our engineers develop production concepts and measures to conserve the environment, save energy and reduce waste and emissions.

Entire plants not only have to run at a technical and economical optimum. Aspects from energy and the environment are also increasingly coming to the fore in achieving the greatest possible efficiency. After all, every plant has an impact on our environment: modern plants have to ensure that impacts on groundwater and water, air and soil as well as fauna and flora and not least for us humans comply with the environmental protection regulations.

Resource-conserving planning not only has a positive effect on our environment. Savings in energy and the reduction of emissions and waste have a sustainable effect on the efficiency of our plants, in the best possible sense. Over the long term, this ensures that projects planned jointly with us function to the optimum in all respects, are efficient and cost-effective and consequently offer added value for society.

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Head of Building Services & Process Engineering


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